Cardiac-Drug Stress Test ECG

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  » CardioScan Drug Stress Test

  • No Treadmill Nor Ergometer
  • Standard 12-Lead ECG Protocols
  • Use Holter 300-4A Recorder
  • Target and Actual HR Displayed Continuously
  • Full-Scale Target Heart Rate Control
  • 12-Lead ECG, ST Change Analysis, and Full
    Disclosure ECG Displayed Continuously
  • HR Recovery Program for Chronotropic Incompetence
  • T-Wave Alternans
  • Send Patient Home with 12-Lead Holter Recording


  • Use Holter Recorder for Interface Between
    Patient and Computer
  • 10 Electrodes for Limb and Precordial Leads
  • Without Removing 10-Electrodes, send Patient
    Home with 12-Lead Holter Recorder
  • CPT 93024 = Cardiac Drug Stress Test
  • CPT 93224 = 12-Lead Holter Recording
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