Satellite Internet ECG Systems


  • The DMS Satellite Internet Software was designed to speed
    up the process of analyzing patient ECG data from remote
    locations by transferring data securely over the Internet
  • Compatible with CardioScan Holter and 1 to 30 Day ROCT programs

Software Solutions

  • Satellite Server
    • Serves as base station for all computers to connect
    • Usually located in hospital or scan/service center
    • Receives and sends patient data from the Explorer
      and Client computers
  • Satellite Client
    • Installed on computers in remote locations
    • Sends ECG data to base station (Satellite Server) for analysis
    • Receives analyzed ECG files for review and report printing
  • Satellite Explorer
    • Used by technicians in the central location to analyze patient data
    • Downloads and uploads ECG files from/to the Satellite Server
    • Located in the same local network as the Satellite Server
  • Note:
    • Receiving Center Computer must be inside Cardiology office to
      meet Medicare's "Anti-Markup Payment Limitation" Law for 93229
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